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Explore anxiety and depression with these free online mental health courses from FutureLearn, examining the best way to improve mental wellbeing.

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Get to grips with the realities of anxiety and depression

Most people have heard of anxiety and depression but there’s still a distinct lack of understanding over what they actually are.

People often assume they are the same thing – probably as a result of the fact that many people who are diagnosed with depression also develop anxiety or vice versa. In fact, around 50% of those who are medically diagnosed with depression will also be diagnosed with anxiety. However, the differing treatments for each condition mean it is vital the two are differentiated.

It’s estimated that one in six adults in the UK have suffered from anxiety and depression at some point in their lives. Yet there is still a lack of understanding around these conditions and how best to tackle them.

One of the most worrying things about the above statistic is the distinct lack of trained professionals and mental health resources to support those suffering. Many people struggle on without the help they need because there isn’t enough support readily available to them.

Mental health systems around the globe are oversubscribed and suffer from a lack of funding and staff. The lack of mental health services is fast becoming a pressing issue, with statistics around those suffering showing that more people than ever are dealing with poor mental health, often from a very young age.

Learn online and build a career in mental health

If you’d like to work in mental health, there are many rewarding roles where you can make a positive impact.

FutureLearn’s free online courses on anxiety and depression delve into the realities of the conditions, exploring how to define these common mental health difficulties, what causes them, and how we can better understand and treat them.

Online learning can help you consolidate your understanding of mental health problems or learn professional strategies to share with patients. A career in mental health can take the form of many healthcare support roles.

Whether you train to become a clinical psychologist, a mental health social worker, a psychiatric mental health nurse, or a mental health counsellor, working in mental health, though demanding, can be extremely rewarding.

If you aren’t a healthcare professional but someone close to you is living with the symptoms and struggles of anxiety or depression, these online courses will help you to find out more about the science and day-to-day management of these conditions.

These courses will also be helpful if you have struggled with these issues yourself.

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