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Explore advances in medical technology with short courses covering topics like bioprinting, genome sequencing, machine learning and histology.

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Medical technology is a rapidly developing field. With advances in areas like medicine, genetics, artificial intelligence, and nanotechnology, the landscape is constantly changing.

If you’re looking to get into the field or develop your existing career, take a look at our course options here.

Study medtech online

Medical and clinical technology covers a broad range of subjects. As such, there are always new elements to learn.

Medical technology is used to diagnose, treat, and monitor all kinds of diseases and illnesses. It applies to roles in laboratories, research positions, public health, and more.

Advancements in the medtech field are accelerating. From early discoveries such as eyeglasses and stethoscopes through to the latest developments in creating artificial organs or using nanotechnology in surgery, these advancements start out as cutting edge and often end up as standard expectations that improve and extend lives around the world.

As well as learning skills relevant to the industry and starting your career in the field, online medical technology courses give you the opportunity to develop general skills such as research, communication, and attention to detail.

You can give your CV a boost and show your commitment to ongoing and independent learning.

Online course options

Our wide range of options reflects the diverse and fascinating field of medical technology. So, no matter where your interests or expertise lay, you can discover a new area of study.

If you’re new to the subject, a course on industry trends and product design might be a good place to start. You could also take a look at things like the human genome or AI and robotics in the medical industry.

Many of our short courses require a few weeks of study, with a varying number of hours required each week. Those who want a more in-depth look at certain topics can also take an accredited program, such as this one in genomics in healthcare.

You can also discover online medical technology degrees. These qualifications are offered by top universities and give you a highly detailed look at specific subjects.

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