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Study sports psychology online

Sports psychology is all about the connection between the human mind and athletic ability, which has a wide scope and large variety of different career options. Studies show that sports psychology is a significant component in athlete success, and can allow athletes to break down any mental barriers blocking their potential.

If you want to improve your knowledge in this area, one of our online sports psychology courses is the ideal place to start. Our courses are 100% online, and you have the freedom and flexibility to study whenever suits you.

We offer a range of course types, from free short courses to learning subscriptions. If you subscribe to an ExpertTrack, you can complete a series of in-depth sports psychology courses and develop your expertise.

Gain sports psychology certifications

We have an ExpertTrack in Sports Coaching Skills where you can earn a digital certificate that you can share with your professional network once you’ve completed all of the courses. You can also receive a digital certificate when you complete a short course if you choose to upgrade with us.

You can upload your certificate to LinkedIn or attach it to your CV to demonstrate your capability and interest in sports psychology.

Build your career in sport psychology

If you want to eventually work in a career related to sport psychology, our courses are a great way to learn the necessary skills. There are a wide range of exciting careers to choose from, such as a sport psychologist, sports coach, sport psychology consultant, or exercise psychologist at a prison or workplace.

Jobs in sport psychology are varied, interdisciplinary, and bring the personal satisfaction of making a difference to the health and lives of others.

Develop your sports coaching skills

In our ten-week ExpertTrack, you have the opportunity to upskill in sports leadership and coaching to maximise your team’s performance. You’ll explore concepts from sports psychology, coaching and leadership that can be applied to teams in a number of contexts, and learn important strategies to help guide you through the changing coaching landscape.

You’ll learn about all aspects of coaching, from creating a positive and inclusive team culture to learning how to provide mental training to athletes that’ll increase their performances. Everything you learn will be provided by business and elite sports coach, Paddy Upton.

Your options for studying sports psychology

We’ve partnered with UK universities and other well-recognised global universities, such as Deakin University, to bring you a range of courses where you can either gain an introduction to sport psychology or build on your current skills. These courses can help you upskill to a new role or develop your professional credentials.

Our short courses take between two and ten weeks to complete and offer an overview of sport psychology or a particular topic within it. We also offer a learning subscription called ExpertTracks, where you can subscribe to a series of in-depth courses and build practical expertise.


What is sports psychology?

Sports psychology is an interdisciplinary science that focuses on the relationship between human psychology and athletic performance, taking insight from subjects such as biology, physiology and kinesiology. Sport psychologists usually work with athletes, coaches and referees from amateurs to those at elite level.

Can I learn sport psychology online?

Sport psychology courses are a great way to introduce you to the science or help you build your skills and knowledge to supplement practical training. Our sport psychology courses are completely online and don’t require any in-person teaching, so you’re free to study whenever suits you. You can also learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a digital device.

What do people who study sports psychology do?

It depends on the specific career you go into. Sports coaches help prepare teams or individuals at schools or clubs for success by training them physically and mentally. Personal trainers focus on one person and help them reach their exercise goals through encouragement and focused guidance.

On the other hand, exercise psychologists might consult prisons, schools, or workplaces on how to improve physical health and wellbeing. As you can see, the scope is very wide.

Is it difficult to study sport psychology?

There is a lot to learn in the world of sport psychology but it shouldn’t be too difficult if you’re fully engaged. It also depends on the intensity of your course, since a sports psychology ExpertTrack will require more hard work and attention than learning on a short course.

It will help if you’re passionate about sport psychology and have an interest in the human body and mind. However, no matter what you choose, our courses are designed by successful sport psychology experts who will help you to succeed in your studies.

How do I start a career in sports psychology?

There are several routes into sports psychology, and you may need formal training or practical experience to get started, depending on your career choice. To be a practising sport and exercise psychologist, you’ll need a degree in Psychology, a BPS-accredited MSc in sport and exercise psychology, and stage 2 of the QSEP qualification.

To help you figure out which aspect of sport psychology you’re interested in, you can try one of our online short courses and use the opportunity to learn about fundamental concepts. If you decide you’re serious about a career in sports psychology, you can enrol onto one of our courses to prepare you for further education and training.

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